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Traveling With Liquid Gold…Planning, Prepping & Delivering

Traveling With Liquid Gold

I recently had to take a business trip to Chicago and there was a lot of thought behind getting ready for it. I feel like as a moms, we are always on – Planning, Prepping and Delivering. Well getting ready for this trip was no different, and so I went into full planning mode. How am I going to pump while away? Where will I store the milk? How will I get it back home? These were just some of the questions I had. I had a car adapter so I could use the rental car if needed to pump, the hotel had a refrigerator for storage, and I had a way to keep the milk cold – so I felt like I had my basis covered. So on I went.

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What’s Your Favorite Book From Childhood?

Favorite Childhood Book

As I am putting the finishing touches on what will be our first published children’s book under “Just’n Tyme”, I start to think about my favorite book from childhood; and this phrase comes to mind, “One Sunday morning the warm sun came up and pop! Out of the egg came a tiny and very hungry caterpillar.”

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Inspiration Behind Just’n Tyme

Back in October 2014, I remember waking up one morning with mild pain in my side. It felt like the menstrual-type pain that I was used to getting every month, but this time around was different. I was not menstruating. I was actually already two weeks past due. I needed to get a pregnacy test asap, so once I got in to work that day, I decided to go to the local CVS and pick up one.

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