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Inspiration Behind Just’n Tyme

Back in October 2014, I remember waking up one morning with mild pain in my side. It felt like the menstrual-type pain that I was used to getting every month, but this time around was different. I was not menstruating. I was actually already two weeks past due. I needed to get a pregnacy test asap, so once I got in to work that day, I decided to go to the local CVS and pick up one.

Anybody that knows me well can tell you that my patience is a work in progress, so I could not wait until I got home to take the test. In Tamika-like fashion, I decided to take the test in the bathroom at work. That’s right, the bathroom stall at work! As I sat there in the bathroom stall, I wondered what I would do if the test turned out positive. Am I ready to be a mom? Is my new marriage ready for this new adventure?

Well as I looked down at the results of the test, it did not matter whether I was ready or not, the test returned two blue lines. God brought a little sunshine to our family after going through some rain. If my calculations were correct, I conceived the week of my younger cousin’s death. He had passed away just one month prior. He will never be forgotten!

So fast forward months later, my oldest son Justin was born. I remember bringing him home that afternoon all too well. It was our second year wedding anniversary and it was raining. Although, the thing that stood out the most to me was that some of the daylilies in our front yard had started to bloom while we were away. It was as if they waited to welcome Justin home; they waited to bloom “just n tyme”.

As we arrived at home and got him settled in, all I could seem to think about were the same questions I had in the bathroom stall the day I found out I was pregnant. Am I ready to be a mom? Is my new marriage ready for this new adventure? While I did not know the answers to those questions, I had faith that it would all work out. And it did all work out. My marriage sustained the pressures that came along with being new parents. It turned out that I was actually a great mom. AND my newfound fascination with parenthood led to the creation of Just’n Tyme Products.

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  1. You are a great mom!

    1. Thanks Cierra. You are a great mom as well.

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