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Travel Tips For Family Trips!

With the summer just around the corner and upcoming family vacations underway, I started thinking about some of the best ways to travel with kids and wanted some advice. I knew my friend Alecia, a travel enthusiast and blogger, would be the perfect person to reach out to. She is full of travel tips and inspiration. She has three kids, so I knew she could also relate to my struggles with trying to plan and prepare for trips, as well as trying to manage the family while on trips. So I asked her several questions and happy to share the knowledge with you!

Some of her tips include making sure you have snacks & entertainment, combining & consolidating, and of course keeping the youngest happy! Check out the Q&A below and feel free to comment and share some of your tips with us as well. Also, make sure to check out for your upcoming travel needs!

Here goes…

Q. What are your top 3 must haves when traveling with children?
1. Snacks
2. Electronics (unfortunately)
3. Earbuds (for myself and the kids)

Q. How do you prepare for long car rides?
We pack sandwiches and snacks, and make sure all of the devices are charged. Zoe (the youngest) is 3, so we make sure she has her tablet, gummies and any other toys she wants to bring. If she’s unhappy, the rest of the car will be too.

Side Note: I think this maybe a familiar sentiment across families and cultures –where the youngest in the family sets the tone for the family; especially during family outings. This is true for my family too. If we are out to dinner or traveling and Jaxon is unhappy or fussy, it changes the entire mood of the family.

Q. Best advice for flying with kids under 3?
My best advice is to keep them entertained. Kids can be very temperamental. So whether it’s cards, books, crayons or paper — keep something handy!

Q. Any tips for packing for large families?
For large families, keep in mind less is better. Smaller kids can share bags. My daughters always share their luggage. Minimize when necessary.

Q. How have you managed traveling with a child who was being potty trained?
Pull ups were our friend. We only stopped if it was the big one. We were not stopping for Zoe. I know that may sound bad, but I’m a germaphobe, so little children in public restrooms gross me out. I suggest keeping hand sanitizer and wipes on hand.

Q. Do you use a packing list?
I would like to say yes, but I don’t, which is why sometimes it can get chaotic. Over the years I think my mind has just adjusted to the chaos. I would suggest one though.

Q. How do you keep up with multiple kids when site-seeing?
Luckily for me, my oldest is 13 and middle child is 9. They are pretty self-sufficient and chelp out with looking out for their baby sister.

Side Note: We are not at this stage yet. We have a 3 year old and 10 month old. Before having kids, I used to judge parents that would use leashes for their kids, but now I would gladly consider one; especially for trips that involve a lot of site-seeing.

Q. Do you take books along for trips?
On a recent trip back from New Orleans, we returned home with some books we got from the Community Book Center, and read them on the way back. I said to myself that we would start doing this more often because the kids seemed to like that.

3 thoughts on “Travel Tips For Family Trips!

  1. Great biggest struggle is consolidating luggage. I’m always afraid I will forget something, I know this is something I will try to work on. Wonderful post ladies

    1. I know! That’s a struggle for me too. It’s not so bad when traveling by car, but by plane is another story!

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