I am Tamika Prince. In 2014, I became fascinated with parenthood. My first son, Justin, was born and I was passionate about finding products that brought about Comfort and Convenience, and that drove home the concept of Creative learning. Building a legacy was also starting to be a key priority for me and my family.  It was through this discovery phase for products and my desire to build something that would last a lifetime, that the brand Just’n Tyme Products was established. 

Just’n Tyme Products LLC is a brand of products filled with love and joy – designed and tailored just for the kid in you.

My initial brand focus was bringing creative kids products to market, but my focus has expanded beyond kids products to products that provide benefit to people of all ages. As I think back to my childhood, I was full of passion and adventure. I had many creative dreams and goals. As I have matured, I have been faced with self doubt and fear. Through my new brand focus, I want to not only inspire creativity in kids through my products, but also inspire myself and those of you like me to live a life of courage and adventure — and to get back to that place where you believed you could achieve anything.  That place where you were childlike and fearless.

And if you have never been at that place, now is a great “tyme” to get there.

When you purchase from Just’n Tyme Products, you are purchasing products that are designed with passion and filled with inspiration. My biggest inspirations are my sons.

Welcome to Just’n  Tyme!