I am Tamika Prince. In 2014, I became fascinated with parenthood. My first son, Justin, was born and I was passionate about finding products that brought about Comfort and Convenience, and that drove home the concept of Creative learning. It was through this discovery phase for products that the brand Just’n Tyme Products was established.

Just’n Tyme Products LLC is a brand of products filled with love and joy – designed and tailored just for kids.

Of the 3 C’s (Comfort, Convenience and Creative learning), I am committed to delivering products that really hone in on Creative learning; and I believe that books are a great way to drive this creativity. Books encourage kids to think artistically and to see the art in life’s everyday adventures. I am happy to share in this quest through our line of children’s books.

When you purchase from Just’n Tyme Products, you are purchasing products that are designed with passion and filled with inspiration. Two of my biggest inspirations are my sons, Justin & Jaxon.

Welcome to Just’n  Tyme!