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Author of the Week (Red Clover Reader)

Tamika L. Prince, our author of the week, has created a simple and relatable autumn tale that little ones and grownups will both enjoy. Check out the interview to learn more about Tamika and the inspiration that led to Justin’s Pumpkin Patch Adventure.

Follow along on the ereader as Justin and his class learn about fall traditions and prepare for a trip to the Pumpkin Patch. Children will relate to the evocative and humorous illustrations that chronicle Justin’s growing anticipation as the day of the trip nears. At Red Clover Reader, we are glad to feature artists like Tamika who skillfully share the beauty and sweetness of everyday life from the perspective of diverse and colorful characters. Justin’s Pumpkin Patch Adventure is a gem of book that you’ll be happy to share with your little pumpkin!

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Tips For Writing A Book

Hey Just’n Tyme family! As many of you know, I have just completed my first Children’s Book, Justin’s Pumpkin Patch Adventure. The book is intended to be fun and inspire creativity and adventure through learning. The main character, Justin (my son), is an energetic and curious little boy who is anxious to get to the Pumpkin Patch for his special pumpkin-picking experience. While a fiction work, parts of the book were inspired by Justin’s actual field trip to Strawberry Hill USA — a local farm in Spartanburg, SC.

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