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Why Wait For The Weekend?

Don’t we all just love the weekends? They are the days most of us get to take a break from the work week and enjoy what we really love most. Weekends are the couple of days out of the week that we can stay up later, hang out with family and friends a little bit longer, turn off our alarm clocks and sleep in. Oh and if your house is like mine, they’re the days hubby cooks his famous pancake breakfast (although I have traded the bacon for something a little healthier — sorry hubs). I love weekends, and this past weekend was both amazing and eye opening.

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Inspiration Behind Just’n Tyme

October 2014 I remember waking up one morning with mild pain in my side. It felt like the menstrual-type pain that I was used to getting every month. But, this time around was different because I was not menstruating—and I was two weeks past due. Once I got in to work that day, I decided to go to the local CVS by my job and buy a pregnancy test.

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