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Travel Tips For Family Trips!

With the summer just around the corner and upcoming family vacations underway, I started thinking about some of the best ways to travel with kids and wanted some advice. I knew my friend Alecia, a travel enthusiast and blogger, would be the perfect person to reach out to. She is full of travel tips and inspiration. She has three kids, so I knew she could also relate to my struggles with trying to plan and prepare for trips, as well as trying to manage the family while on trips. So I asked her several questions and happy to share the knowledge with you!

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Why Wait For The Weekend?

Don’t we all just love the weekends? They are the days most of us get to take a break from the work week and enjoy what we really love most. Weekends are the couple of days out of the week that we can stay up later, hang out with family and friends a little bit longer, turn off our alarm clocks and sleep in. Oh and if your house is like mine, they’re the days hubby cooks his famous pancake breakfast (although I have traded the bacon for something a little healthier — sorry hubs). I love weekends, and this past weekend was both amazing and eye opening.

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